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How can I test a C# multiplayer(4 players) LAN game.Rather than connecting 4 computers can I simulate 4 different computers(run the application with different IPs. i.e four instances of the application).I considered to do with four virtual machines but can't run four virtual machines.(h/w resources :(

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Why cant you just connect the apps together? Why do they need different IPs? –  Tom Aug 3 '11 at 5:03

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Why not run all instances on the same machine but just on different ports?

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thank you.this is easier –  DinushanM Aug 3 '11 at 5:31

If you are not using multicast, then just have them on the same computer, but have the clients listen on different ports (only one listener per port is permitted).

If you are using multicast, you have a few options

  • Broadcast your data to multiple multicast addresses in debug mode, so you can have the clients on the same host OS and machine.
  • If you are running Linux, you could try to run them in something like OpenVZ to separate the different clients.
  • If you have multiple NICs, use them!
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I'm assuming that you can run only one instance of the game per PC.

So... you could load up 4 virtual instance of the operating system with different ports assigned to each, and then load one game instance up inside each virtual OS.

There are a few of these products out there, but here are two of them.


(probably vmware bought out the other company I was thinking of as I can't find them).


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