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In my application I use 3rd party code that triggers some warnings. I reviewed them and they can be safely ignored.

Now I want to "mark" a file somehow, so Xcode won't show any warnings for the code in that file.

How should I do that?

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Select your target and show Build Phases. Then enter the name of the file in the search box, and you should see it listed in the Compile Sources phase. Double-click in the Compiler Flags column for that file and enter -w to turn off all warnings for that file.

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Hmm, I expected -w to turn off all warnings, but perhaps the new compiler doesn't pay attention to that. In that case, turn off individual warnings. Find the warning in question in Build Settings, and show Quick Help in the Utilities view. You should see a description, with a -Wname-of-warning syntax. Prepend "no-" to the name and specify that in Compiler Flags. Example: to turn off -Wunused-parameter specify -Wno-unused-parameter – Jon Reid Aug 3 '11 at 5:38
It turns out that all this is compiler-dependent. I mean, in one project that uses LLVM GCC compiler -w does the trick and in other project that uses plain GCC compiler -Wno-name-of-warning is the only way to go. – Bobrovsky Aug 3 '11 at 12:06
Thanks for the hint, also worked for me (-w and LLVM). Really handy when you include thirdparty files you don't wand to modify. – user826955 Jul 28 '12 at 12:35
@Zammbi Since the code is auto-generated, fix it to generate code free of warnings. If you can't do that, auto-patch the Xcode project to set the compiler flag. – Jon Reid Aug 23 at 23:25
Does not work with Swift 2 using Xcode 7.0 and Apple LLVM 7.0 – King-Wizard Sep 19 at 5:55

It is not good practice to hide compiler warnings. But sometimes it's really complicated to find out my warnings among large number of warnings from other frameworks or built-in projects. Anyway, if anyone want to surpress those "unused" compiler warnings then open project's build settings and change the compilation flags. enter image description here

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Heh, that would work better than accepted answer. Thanks. – Olter Jul 10 '14 at 5:12
Does not work with Swift 2 using Xcode 7.0 and Apple LLVM 7.0 – King-Wizard Sep 19 at 5:59

Select Project in left navigator and select target go to build phase and Put -w in Build Phase of target file. It will hide all compiler warnings enter image description here

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Does not work with Swift 2 using Xcode 7.0 and Apple LLVM 7.0 – King-Wizard Sep 19 at 5:59

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