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I have a code which needs to be executed after some delay say 5000 ms.Currently I am using setTimeout but it is asynchronous and i want the execution to wait for its return. I have tried using the following:

function pauseComp(ms) 
     var curr = new Date().getTime();
     ms += curr;
     while (curr   < ms) {
         curr = new Date().getTime();

But the code i want to delay is drawing some objects using raphaeljs and the display is not at all smooth. I am trying to use doTimeout plugin. I need to have a delay only once as the delay and code to be delayed are both in a loop. I have no requirement for a id so I am not using it. For example:

for(i; i<5; i++){ $.doTimeout(5000,function(){
         alert('hi');  return false;}, true);}

This waits for 5 sec befor giving first Hi and then successive loop iterations show alert immediately after the first. What I want it to do is wait 5 sec give alert again wait and then give alert and so on.

Any hints/ suggestions are appreciated!

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Non-timeout loops (that check the time or count to 1000000 or whatever) just lock up the browser. setTimeout (or the $.doTimeout plugin) is the best way to do it.

Creating timeouts within a loop won't work because the loop doesn't wait for the previous timeout to occur before continuing, as you've discovered. Try something more like this:

// Generic function to execute a callback a given number
// of times with a given delay between each execution
function timeoutLoop(fn, reps, delay) {
  if (reps > 0)
    setTimeout(function() {
                 timeoutLoop(fn, reps-1, delay);
               }, delay);

// pass your function as callback
timeoutLoop(function() { alert("Hi"); },

(I just cobbled this together quickly, so although I'm confident that it works it could be improved in several ways, e.g., within the "loop" it could pass an index value into the callback function so that your own code knows which iteration it is up to. But hopefully it will get you started.)

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JavaScript is a single-threaded language. You cannot combine setTimeout and synchronous processing. What will happen is, the timer will lapse, but then the JS engine will wait to process the results until the current script completes.

If you want synchronous methods, just call the method directly!

If you want to process something after the setTimeout, include it or call it from the timeout function.

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