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What I need to put in href for targetting to asd#zxc.txt, tried:

<a href="asd%23zxc.txt" target="_blank">asd#zxc.txt</a>

but IE opens new window with "asd" in URL, this one works fine:

<a href="asd%23zxc.txt">asd#zxc.txt</a>

but I need to open file in new window


UPD: also tried with JS

IE opens new window with "asd" only

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you should seriously consider changing your filename. honestly, i've never seen anyone use a # in a filename.

Firefox doesn't work with this either. It opens a new tab with the # in the URL but says that asd doesn't exist.

the only way i can see this working is if you had a PHP script serve the file. something like getfile.php?file=asd#zxc.txt.

even then, you might have to encode the # sign before sending the request to your script (i've never sent a # through POST or GET). also, make sure that you set proper access restrictions on a script like that.

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