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I am creating an app which supports independent video and audio conferencing. For Audio conferencing I need a service that can provide an API, through which I can integrate monitoring functionality into my web app. Looking for a service which can provide

  • Support for approx 80 users in “one” conference call
  • A conference manager should be able to monitor user who have joined and be able to mute/ unmute/ disconnect the user
  • All users will be provided a unique pin number (we will email or provide on our web app), which needs to be entered before joining a call. Through the PINs we will identify the users.
  • Conference manager should be able to redirect users from one conference to another on the fly
  • All the conferences should be recorded
  • An API through which we can add the monitoring functionality into our existing web application (we will map PIN to existing info we have stored in our database)
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You should definitely check out Twilio. However, they support only 20 participants.

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I have tried Twilio, but they are very strict about upper limit (which is 40 now). I tried some workarounds like connecting 2 conferencing, but that does not seem doable. Planning to try tropo now. Any idea about that? – Kamal Aug 3 '11 at 7:56
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Tropo service came close to solving our problem. The only problem was that we could not mute/ unmute the user at runtime. We had to do it by disconnecting a user and connecting again in mute/ unmute mode.

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I have used Asterisk via the Asterisk Management Interface to build very large conferencing applications that web based. They include control panels that allow you to create conference bridges, kick users, mute users, lock the bridge, record the bridge and so on.

Check out Asterisk.org and look at the AMI and meetme features.

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Check out the Plivo API. Plivo, where I work, can host 80+ people in a single conference. Depending on your use case, we might need to do some manual configuration for you.

As proof of concept, you can try out Voice Chat API which was built using the Plivo conferencing API and WebRTC/Flash. This web app itself is also exposed via an API which lets you create and fetch the url of your conference room with a POST request.

Voice Chat API's been open-sourced and here's the source code.

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