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I'm using the BASS lib ( to make a MIDI player for the iPhone. I've got the playback part working and I'm trying to add visuals that respond to MIDI note events as they occur. I'm new at ObjC so I may not explain the issue in very clear terms... please bear with me... ;-)

So.. the BASS lib is C. I initialize and set that up in a viewController and set up a callback to get the MIDI events as they occur.

--set up the callback, passing a C function (cNoteSyncProc) and a ref to my viewController


--handle the callback:

void CALLBACK cNoteSyncProc(HSYNC handle, DWORD channel, DWORD data, void* user)
   int note=LOBYTE(data); // note
   int vel=HIBYTE(data); // velocity

   [(id)user updateDrawingWithNote: note velocity: vel ]; 

--I found that I needed to call a method within my instance of the viewController in order to access the UIView I want to draw in so the callback above calls this method:

- (void) updateDrawingWithNote:(int) note velocity: (int) vel
    [drawing updateDrawingWithNote: note velocity: vel ];

The UIView 'drawing' is a declared property of my viewController and is created in the 'viewDidLoad' method like this:

CGRect rect = CGRectMake(0, 400, 1024, 100);
drawing = [Draw alloc];
[drawing initWithFrame:rect];
[self.view addSubview:drawing];

The 'drawing' instance and draws to the screen when first called - and it is getting the MIDI events, setting some vars to be used in the next 'drawRect' call, and then calling

[self setNeedsDisplay];

Alas, there is no visual change. I've looked through all my code, searched and read possibly related entries here and elsewhere but I'm still stumped. As a reality check, I put a button in my main view and call the 'drawing' method from there with some dummy MIDI values - and the view updates as expected - leading me to think that I have it wired correctly and there is something else going on.

Could my callback be occurring in a thread (or some context) that somehow invalidates updating the view? Is there a clean/good way of handling this? It occurred to me that I could use an NSTimer to basically poll some changed vars but that seems like a hack.

Finally.... ;-) Is there a better place/way to do frequent drawing than in a UIView (layers?)?.

Sorry to be so long winded but I figure that unless I explain it no one can help me out of this hole.



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if you put breakpoint in cNoteSyncProc() or updateDrawingWithNote() and wait for the debugger to stop, which thread are you on? – hooleyhoop Aug 3 '11 at 10:35
Just tried that - it breaks on thread 9 (0f 10). I don't understand how threads work (yet! got some reading to do). So if my MIDI events are coming in on one thread will this invalidate updating the screen if that is done in the main thread? – 1202 Program Alarm Aug 3 '11 at 22:06
Digging around a bit more I've discovered 'CADisplayLink' - that seems to be a better solution than rolling my own NSTimer (to handle MIDI events that occur in another thread) - since I can't update the screen any faster than what CADisplayLink provides (at least that is my current understanding). So my main view controller gets called every frame to tell the view to update if any MIDI events have occurred. – 1202 Program Alarm Aug 3 '11 at 22:08
Yes thread 1 is the Main Thread, you have to do GUI stuff on there. CADisplayLink maybe the way to go but just because your midi events are on a different thread that doesn't mean you have to use a timer or display link to poll for events. A refresh of 60fps could be overkill for typical midi stuff. Given that the event happens on thread 9, but you need to call -setNeedsDisplay on thread 1, you need to find out how to call a method on a specific thread. – hooleyhoop Aug 4 '11 at 9:07

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