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I am doing a Windows application. How do I import a CSV file into DB2 database table? Through google I got one command:

IMPORT FROM 'C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\sample.csv' OF DEL MODIFIED BY COLDEL | METHOD P (1, 2, 3) MESSAGES "C:\messages.txt" INSERT INTO myTable(myTable_col1,myTable_col2,myTable_col3);

But this is also not working, so is there any other command or any kind of code in .NET?

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does this help you out: blog.sqlauthority.com/2008/02/06/… –  Martin Aug 3 '11 at 11:34

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You need to use BulkCopy. (See DB2BulkCopy Class) Here's some C# code:

using (DB2BulkCopy bc = new DB2BulkCopy(myConnectionString))
            bc.DestinationTableName = myDestinationTableName;
            bc.BulkCopyTimeout = 120;
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