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I am trying to code my NXT using GNAT GPL for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT – Ravenscar Edition which uses the Ada language. Some examples are provided with the installation but is there an API reference (something like Java?) that allows me to see what functions are available for which package?

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Well, the docs for the Ada built-in packages (and in fact for the language itself) are available online at the AdaIC website.

The part of your API that is specific to LEGO Mindstorms should have documentation as part of the package you downloaded. There's a very old version available online here, but it's probably out of date.

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Hey T.E.D, thanks for answering! Unfortunately the documentation for the library is not included in the package aside from a readme text on how to build and run the programs. There are examples included but it would be much more helpful to me if there's an API so I can see what functions are available in the package so I can decide on how to go about programming the robot. Right now I am stuck with what the examples show me which is very limited. Indeed the site you provided is for the RCX brick which is the previous generation of mindstorms and is no longer applicable with the NXT library. –  Seiber Aug 4 '11 at 6:49

Looking at the Libre site, select the mindstorms-nxt-windows platform, 2011 release. Select the > next to GNAT_GPL, then the > next to Sources. Under there are two mindstorms-* archives.

Unpacking the mindstorms-nxt-2011-src.tgz archive, there's a directory drivers containing files such as nxt-lcd.ads which shows what I'm pretty sure is the API for the LCD on the NXT.

Caveat: this is just from fossicking in the source, I don't have a NXT.

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