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Tell me how to properly implement the features OpenFeint in my game for Android. I'm quite a beginner, so need help.

I spent the initialization OpenFeint, made ​​a button on the dashboard in the main menu of the game, everything works fine. Can not get to realize achievements.

I do so (in the same class where initialize OpenFeint):

final Achievement a = new Achievement("1239817");

    if(mGameThread.mCurrentLevel >= 2) {

     a.unlock(new Achievement.UnlockCB () {
        @Override public void onSuccess(boolean complete) {
            Toast.makeText(main.this, "Unlocked", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

        @Override public void onFailure(String exceptionMessage) {
            Toast.makeText( main.this,
                "Error (" + exceptionMessage + ") unlocking achievement.",



I think it's about the condition if (mGameThread.mCurrentLevel >= 2), it somehow does not want to run. I'm so if a player has reached level 2, achieving unlocked. In the game I was not very convenient construction, only one Activity-element, in which I initialize OpenFeint and achievements for the game, everything else is done in the class GameView (to upload data from other classes).

Help. Any ideas. Can achieve OpenFeint placed in a separate Activity? (Achievements.java?)

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What you've got there looks like it should be correct, and you should be able to split off the Achievement specific code to a different file if it makes everything easier to keep track of without a problem.

If you can't get OpenFeint working for you, check out Swarm, which provides a very similar system (but maybe it makes more sense for you specifically) :)

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