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I am total noob in Linux. I wanna know what is the equivalent of "My Computer" in Ubuntu 11.04. I want to check my computer specs such as Processor Speed, Memory, and etc. Whenever I check properties in Home Folder it only gives me the HD capacity... I also tried looking at System Settings but I can't find it there. Please help...

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There are various GUI applications to do the tasks you want, but they're almost always less detailed, and are unnecessary fluff.

Processor clock frequency (along with features, model, etc.)

cat /proc/cpuinfo


free -m

Mounted file system sizes; total, used and free

df -h
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  1. click Dash home button on ur home screen
  2. select more apps
  3. select system info
  4. in "overview tab" you can see very brief summary (e.g. Clock speed, RAM, and HD size.
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