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I'm trying to define an object and create an accessor property for it.


<input type='hidden' id='crudMode' value='Create' />


crudMode = {
   create: "Create",
   read: "Read",
   update: "Update",
   delete: "Delete",
   current: function () { return $('#crudMode').val(); }

Object.defineProperty(crudMode, 'mode', {
    get: function(){
        return this.current();
    set: function(value){ 

But when I use it, it throws the mentioned error in the question title:



TypeError: can't redefine non-configurable property 'mode'

What's wrong here?

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MDC documentation says that, as well as 'get' and 'set', you need a flag 'configurable' set to true when calling Object.defineProperty.


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Can I override property that has once been set unconfigurable? –  Tomáš Zato Nov 20 '14 at 8:57
@TomášZato the answer to your question is in the primary documentation linked to above. Once a property has been defined with configurable set to false, the property can not be modified or deleted. –  Mark Stosberg Nov 26 '14 at 16:58

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