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What I need to create is something simila to the CRT unit in Pascal or the old Graphics.h in Turbo C++, I am using the MinGW compiler. Is there any way to implement the GotoXY,ClrScr,Sleep,'SetClr' etc. functions using, maybe the winapi kernel library or something? Or is there already a library made for MinGW that does all this. I need it to run on a Console Window, and only be text based.

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You could use curses , there's a port of pdcurses for mingw here

curses is a little odd to use, it was originally written for terminals on unix.

(You can have that sweet coloured and blincking text 90's gui)

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Yay! I think that is called TUI (text user interface) now. Thanks – ApprenticeHacker Aug 3 '11 at 11:41

I have similar requirements for a project I've working on, so I started a project that might serve as a potential alternate answer for you. It's still a young project, but it will grow to be a bit more useful as things go along. It has an add-on library to integrate with ncurses, but it essentially just "renders" ANSI-encoded strings.

Hope that helps!

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