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I have the following type which I need to be instantiated by StructureMap:

public class AWebService : IAWebService
    private readonly string _applicationId;
    private readonly string _username;
    private readonly string _password;

    public AWebService(string applicationId, string username, string password)
        _applicationId = applicationId;
        _username = username;
        _password = password;

The problem is that this constructor takes 3 parameters. I've seen examples how to provide StructureMap with one parameter (e.g. Passing constructor arguments when using StructureMap) but I'm not sure what I need to do to pass 3 in.

Is it simply a case of:


or do I have to configure it differently?

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have you tried that? Seems a reasonable approach to me... –  Sam Holder Aug 3 '11 at 10:14

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Have you tried the code in your question, it looks correct.

Register your type with structuremap and set the string constructor parameters

var container = new Container(x => {
                .Ctor<string>("applicationId").Is("my app id")
                .Ctor<string>("username").Is("my username")
                .Ctor<string>("password").Is("my passowrd");

Then you can get your service with the parameters set.

var service = container.GetInstance<IAWebService>();
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I would say you inject a reference of type IConfigurationHelper or something which holds these 3 properties. This way you can just use different types all derived from IConfigurationHelper

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