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I am using rs/SDWebImage for Asynchronous image loading . I am parsing the image url from the json feed and paasing that url to my function . But the function is only returning the image on the first call . When i called it again ... its returning NULL .... How can i fix this ....

    for (id key1 in tempfileLevel) 
        NSMutableDictionary *tempfileLevel1 = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
        tempfileLevel1 = [tempfileLevel valueForKey:key1];
        NSLog(@" tumbfile name  = %@ " , [tempfileLevel1 valueForKey:@"tumbfile"]);

        NSString *thumbpath = [[NSString alloc] init];
        thumbpath = [tempfileLevel1 valueForKey:@"tumbfile"];
        NSURL *turl = [NSURL URLWithString:thumbpath];

        UIImage *imageDetail;
        imageDetail = [self getimage:turl];
        NSMutableArray *thumbs;
        [thumbs addObject:imageDetail];


    - (UIImage*)getImage:(NSURL*)myurl

        SDWebImageManager *manager = [SDWebImageManager sharedManager];
        UIImage *cachedImage = [manager imageWithURL:myurl];
        if (cachedImage)
            // Use the cached image immediatly
            // Start an async download
            [manager downloadWithURL:myurl delegate:self];
        NSLog(@" image we got = %@",cachedImage);
    return cachedImage;


What i have to do to fix this .....

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