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How do i export only the table contents to excel file through C# programming? I am currently extracting all the contents from PDFs using PDFNET SDK ,but couldn't able to read the table as a tabular structure

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there is no real tabular structure in PDF... so you will basically to have to resort to some sort of "table recognition"... which by definition will produce some correct and some incorrect results... – Yahia Nov 13 '11 at 11:18

I know have not used the SDK for this product, but I have used the stand alone product. It read the content of a PDF into a spreadsheet (many export options).

The product is OmniPage by Nuance http://australia.nuance.com/for-business/by-product/omnipage/index.htm.

there is an SDK with free evaluation.

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I tried for the above solutions,but couldn't make it out.There are so many free sdk or dll's available such as pdfnet,pdfclown,itextsharp,pdfbox,pdflib.Finally tried again with pdfnet sdk,now i can able to do it,if my input pdf is of type tagged pdf.

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by using word.bbox() and line.bbox()... – Master Stroke Aug 10 '11 at 8:59

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