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I want to check whether a string contains # or not. Then if it contains #, I want to find the content after #.

For example,

  • test#1 — This should return me 1.
  • test*1 — This should not return anything.
  • test#123Test — This should return 123Test.

Please let me know. Thanx in advance.

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Please clarify what you mean by "should not return anything" - if you were to encapsulate this in a method, you'd have to return something - do you want an empty string, or null, for example? Or do you want it to throw an exception? You've got a tag of regex but is there any reason why you want to use regular expressions for this? – Jon Skeet Aug 3 '11 at 11:26
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// Compile a regular expression: A hash followed by any number of characters
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("#(.*)");

// Match input data
Matcher m = p.matcher("test#1");

// Check if there is a match
if (m.find()) {

  // Get the first matching group (in parentheses)
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I'd use simple string operations rather than a regular expression:

int index = text.indexOf('#');
return index == -1 ? "" : text.substring(index + 1);

(I'm assuming "should not return anything" means "return empty string" here - you could change it to return null if you want.)

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