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Iam trying to replace following string with PowerShell:

Intel(R) Network Connections

The code that I use is:

Get-Content $logfilepath | 
Foreach-Object { $_ -replace '`r`n`r`n', 'xx'} | 
Set-Content $logfilepath_new

But I have no success, can someone say me, where the error is?

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First, you are using single quotes in the replace string -


that means they are treated verbatim and not as newline characters, so you have to use -


To replace, read the file as string and use the Replace() method

$content=[string] $template= [System.IO.File]::ReadAllText("test.txt")
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I used the following code to replace somestring with newline:

$nl = [System.Environment]::NewLine
$content = $content.Replace( somestring, $nl )
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Get-content returns an array of lines, so CRLF is essentially your delimiter. Two CRLF sequences back to back would be interpreted as the end of the currrent line, followed by a null line, so no line (object) should contain '`r`n`r`n'. A multi-line regex replace would probably be a better choice.

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as alternate method using PS cmdlets:

Get-Content $logfilepath | 
    Foreach-Object -Begin { $content="" } -Process { $content += $_ ; $content += "xx" } -End { $content } | 
    Set-Content $logfilepath_new
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