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I have made a checkbox inside the header of checkbox column. It works fine when i check it all rows in the DataGridView gets checked. What I want to do is to uncheked the header cell checkbox when a single row in the DataGridView is unchecked. I tried putting code in the CellValueChanged event that sets the header checkbox state. The problem is that CellValueChanged is fired when current cell loses focus. So if I click two or three times in the cell nothing happens, but when e select next cell the event is fired and the header cell checkbox state is invalidated.

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In CurrentCellDirtyStateChanged event call the datagridview's CommitEdit(DataGridViewErrorContexts.Commit) method. It commits the cell value and triggers the CellValueChanged event of corresponding cell.

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tried CurrentCellDirtyStateChanged event?

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Yes i Have tried using it but when this event fires the new value of the cell is not yet set. So the cell has it's old value and i must presume the new value will be the opposite of current value. But i have form where in cell_validating or in cell_endedit value of cell is changed. –  IordanTanev Aug 4 '11 at 10:47

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