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I have a structure like this

     <img />
     <span />

I am using jquery like this#

            $("ul#someid").find("li:last > a[name="some.....]

How can i access the img element and the span element within the "a" element like above.

i am using now like this

  $("ul#pushedProducts").find("li:last > a[name= <%=PushedProductsParametersMapper.PARAMS_PRODUCTS_INFO%>]").children('span').attr({name:'<%=PushedProductsParametersMapper.PARAMS_PRODUCTS_INFO%>' + pushedProductsTypesCount, id:'<%=PushedProductsParametersMapper.PARAMS_PRODUCTS_INFO%>' + pushedProductsTypesCount , style :'display:none;'});
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var $img = $("ul#someid").find('li:last > a[name="some....."]').children("img")

Take care about quotes next to name

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what if the image and id field also has an id how to call with specific name? –  Saurabh Kumar Aug 3 '11 at 12:07
you can keep on using selector. For instance: var $img = $("ul#someid").find('li:last > a[name="some....."]').children('img[name="imgname"'). Don't forget you can combinate selectors. Felix Kling showed you an example in his answer –  JMax Aug 3 '11 at 12:10
@Saurabh: Any element with an ID can be selected with $('#id'). But don't forget that IDs are supposed to be unique. –  Felix Kling Aug 3 '11 at 12:10
and how can i change the attribte within image element for example image id –  Saurabh Kumar Aug 3 '11 at 12:12
@Saurabh: stackoverflow.com/search?q=jquery+element+change+attribute ... The jQuery documentation is good. Have a look at it and I'm sure you will find answers to most of your questions. –  Felix Kling Aug 3 '11 at 12:15

If you want to select both, you can use .children() [docs]:

$("#someid").find("li:last > a[name=['someName']").children();

Otherwise, just use the child selector [docs] again, a > b > c,
or the descendant selector [docs], a > b c.

You can combine the selectors [docs] however you want to.

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+1 for removing the prefixing ul. –  Bertrand Marron Aug 3 '11 at 12:08

Asuming the A tag has an ID,

$('#id img')


$('#id span')

would be enough. Classes will work aswell using $('.class img') etc

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$("ul#someid li:first a[name='somename'] img")...
$("ul#someid li:first a[name='somename'] span")...
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$("ul#someid").find("li:last > a").children(); // will give you all children
$("ul#someid").find("li:last > a").find("img");
$("ul#someid").find("li:last > a").find("span");
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