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To all of you great web applications developers. Please, share where do you grab the latest news on this subject: cool blogs, articles, podcasts etc. related to web-based applications development. Help to rate those resouces from the most interesting to least.

Note: It's OK if you list sources which someone else already mentioned, unless your list is exactly the same. Comments are welcomed.

This list could look similar to this one:

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At CodingHorror there are no much posts related to web dev. ThinkVitamin is great. – Konstantin Tarkus Mar 28 '09 at 13:21
At Signal vs. Noise by 37signals there are to much posts related to their own business. – Konstantin Tarkus Mar 28 '09 at 13:23
Coding horror has great posts related to software development in general which apply to web developers as well :). You can ignore the posts of SvN about their business, the other posts are worth it! – Click Upvote Mar 29 '09 at 11:32


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I can recommend the feed from 4GuysFromRolla

Jon Skeet's blog for C# and A List Apart for CSS (both recommended by Pervez C on this thread) are good as well.

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I like it. Thanks for sharing. – Konstantin Tarkus Mar 28 '09 at 13:34

For C# and Design Patterns Jean Paul Boodhoo's blog is top notch. There are some awesome screencasts on DNRTV that are simply amazing as he uses TDD to implement Design Pattern solutions. I've watched these at least 7 times as they are filled with great philosophy and good technique.

Dave Ward has a great series on integrating jQuery with the MS Ajax library. This is a nice compliment to Rick Strahl's blog on hybrid Javascript and applications.

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I can't imagine nobody mentioned yet. I even think that this is enough to read just this one feed to have an idea what is going on in the field

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Personnaly I use, Yes I know it's in French, but for people who know this language, this web site have some nice tools, tutorials and articles.

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