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You can set the usermappings voor a user in sql server for a database, is this possible to do it in C#? for example setting db_owner permissions on a database for a user, using SMO.

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as you said you can using SMO namespaces

have a look at the code below: it creates a user and give it the db_owner permission

static void CreateLogin
    (string sqlLoginName,string sqlLoginPassword,string databaseName)
Login newLogin = myServer.Logins[sqlLogin];
if (newLogin != null)
newLogin = new Login(myServer, sqlLogin);
newLogin.PasswordPolicyEnforced = false;
newLogin.LoginType = LoginType.SqlLogin;
//Create DatabaseUser
DatabaseMapping mapping = 
    new DatabaseMapping(newLogin.Name, MainDbName, newLogin.Name);
Database currentDb = myServer.Databases[databaseName];
User dbUser = new User(currentDb, newLogin.Name);
dbUser.Login = sqlLogin;


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thank you worked like a charm! –  Bas Aug 3 '11 at 14:02

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