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I have an app published on Android Market that can save contacts to different accounts. This app allows users to choose an account to save a contact to. But a lot of Motorola users report that Exchange account is not available in the list of possible accounts.

Here's a piece of code I use to get sync adapters which can save contacts:

final Set<String> accountTypeSet = new HashSet<String>();

final SyncAdapterType[] syncAdapters = ContentResolver.getSyncAdapterTypes();
for( final SyncAdapterType syncAdapter : syncAdapters ) {
    if ( !syncAdapter.isKey
            && syncAdapter.isUserVisible()
            && syncAdapter.supportsUploading()
            && ContactsContract.AUTHORITY.equals( syncAdapter.authority ) )
        accountTypeSet.add( syncAdapter.accountType );

As far as I understand Exchange account on Motorola devices violates some of conditions from this code. But I don't have any Motorola device to reproduce the problem. In my opinion Motorola Exchange SyncAdapterType.authority value may differ from ContactsContract.AUTHORITY. But it's only an assumption. What can be the real reason of this problem?

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