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 <a href="#" id="popp" name="popo" class="tooltipLink">
  <img  src="images/information.png" alt="info" />
  <span  class="tipp"></span>


var text = blah;
$('#popo span').text(text); 

The text is not setting...I am doing something wrong..?

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should be #popp span if that is not typo. –  Dejan Marjanovic Aug 3 '11 at 13:59

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Typo and lack of quotes.. this will work:

var text = "blah";
$('#popp span').text(text);

First, by having this: var text = blah; you assigned the text as undefined variable and second you used the name instead of the ID of the anchor.

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  1. Your selector matches a span inside the element with the id 'popo', which does not exist (popp != popo).
  2. You are trying to assign the value of text which is a copy of blah which is undefined
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You probably meant:

var text = 'blah';
$('#popp span').text(text);

as seen in this live demo.

Things to notice:

  • blah is wrapped inside quotes as it represents a string
  • use #popp instead of #popo as id selector
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$('#popp span.tipp').text(text);
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Try this:

var text = "blah";
$('#popp span').text(text);
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