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I am having two datepickers "depart date" and "return date". Once the depart date is selected, I want to disable all the days except the weekend of depart date for "return date".

For example if I select depart date as Aug 12th (friday). I should only see Aug 12th, 13th and 14th as enabled while selecting return date.

I tried the beforeShowDay option but couldn't come out with proper logic to implement.

I don't think this code will help

$('#depart_date, #return_date').datepicker({
      inline: true,
      showButtonPanel: true,  // show close and today buttons at the bottom
      closeText: 'Clear',     // text for close button
      dateFormat: 'mm/dd/yy', // date format
      minDate: 0,             // restrict date range
      maxDate: "+1M +10D",
      firstDay: 1,            // set monday as start day for the week
      beforeShow: function(input, inst){

      beforeShowDay: function(date){
          // for 'return date' - disable all other days except for the weekend
          // of 'depart date'
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I believe this does what you need


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awesome!! thanks :) –  Madhusudhan Aug 3 '11 at 15:31

Please have a look here. Hope it helps.

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