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I have a simple table called LookupTable with two fields: Id (int) and Description (nvarchar) that I want to use to populate a drop down list.

The following code gives me the error:

IEnumerable<SelectListItem> items = 
  _entities.LookupTable.Select(t=> new SelectListItem {Value = t.Id, 
                                                       Text = t.Description } );

I have a using System.Linq; statement already, and I get a runtime error if I try t.Id.ToString().

I must be missing something simple, right?

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It is not clear from your question what is the type of _entities.LookupTable. If we suppose that it is some IQueryable<SomeModel> or IEnumerable<SomeModel> where SomeModel contains two properties Id and Description, you must ensure that you are properly converting those two values to string as the Value and Text properties of a SelectListItem are strings.

You may also try to eagerly execute the query by calling .ToString():

var items = _entities
    .Select(t => new SelectListItem 
         Value = t.Id.ToString(), // <-- notice that you might need a ToString if the Id property is integer 
         Text = t.Description 
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