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I have a user guide for my application that I would like to provide both an HTML verson and a PDF version (and possible some other indexed version for a Java help). Are there any tools, preferably for maven that I could integrate into my build cycle that will convert from HTML to PDF? Currently I have a word doc format that I manually convert to PDF (and no HTML version available), which is prone to errors and really just a pain.

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You might use a tool like DocBook and write the documentation in a scripting language (XML in their case). Then use the tool to transform the source to the target formats, e.g. HTML and PDF.

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I think this is the more flexible solution here. thanks. – Jeff Storey Aug 3 '11 at 14:47

Well, after a short search, I went on and if you have your HTML, it does the trick.

However, I prefer using a wiki for documentation. It has all advantages, since it can be edited in parallel, in multiple languages, and a lot of them have both static HTML export and PDF export. I should recommend you Dokuwiki (and you can find your plugins at because it's really easy to install and administrate, but you can also use any other one that have PDF and HTML export.

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Thanks, I'll definitely take a more detailed look at those tools, but just in case I want to go to other forms other than PDF, it looks like DocBook is a little more flexible. – Jeff Storey Aug 3 '11 at 14:48

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