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I'm using gvim as my main 'IDE' on windows 7 and I would like to use ctags to navigate through the code. I've downloaded it and ran based on this tutorial:

ctags -f ~/.tags -R ~/myprojects/src $JAVA_HOME/src

I've then setup my vimrc with...

set tags=~/.tags

However when I do Ctrl+] on a keyword, it says it can not find the file which the tag is defined in. Shows the correct path except it misses out c:\ from the start so vim can't load it.

How can get it to give me the correct path?

I'm using the latest version of gvim and ctags.


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FWITW, I'm not entirely sold on the concept of keeping my tags in one location. This part of the command call:

-f ~/.tags

Nor would I hard path to my current project. This part:

-R ~/myprojects/src

BTW, Windows doesn't have ~ so I don't think either of those would work (not sure if Vim will find ~, i.e. "home").

If I were you, I would cut my teeth on the simplest method until you get more comfortable with the Vim methods and ideals.

Easiest method:

  1. Always let Vim know the "Current Directory" (making the assumption that you are not launching Vim via the command prompt). When you open a file always set the current directory by issuing the following command from normal mode:

    :cd %:p:h
  2. Generate a tag file in the current directory with the following command (from normal mode).

    :!ctags -R .

Happy jumping.

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Note that ~ does work under Windows for vim in some places. See :help home-replace for more info. – Conspicuous Compiler Aug 4 '11 at 1:33
huh good to know. thx. – John Kaul Aug 4 '11 at 1:36

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