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How to receive the post's ID, if post is found via this '.any' call?

<% if @posts.any? {|p| p.title == my_title} %>
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You should probably do it like this:

<% if (post = @posts.detect {|p| p.title == my_title} ) %>
  Post ID: <%= post.id %>
<% end %>
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+1, forgot detect returns the first thing that makes it true –  corroded Aug 3 '11 at 14:57
Didn't know about detect before, thanks! –  David Aug 3 '11 at 14:59

Any won't return anything except true or false.


if you want to something to be returned, use select


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Do something like the following, get the value if the condition is true. However the following way only set the post_id to the last matched post, if you want all of them, then set post_id as array:

<% post_id = nil%>
<% if @posts.any? {|p| post_id = p.id if p.title == my_title; p.title == my_title} %>
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