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so in my query i have select columnx from tblz

it returns 001.255556.84546

I want to be able to split this via '.' and put it into three columns.

column1 = 001
column2 = 255556
column3 = 84576

is this possible?

here is the correct answer

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Create three calculated fields with the following expressions:

=(Split(Fields!columnx.Value, ".")).Value(0)
=(Split(Fields!columnx.Value, ".")).Value(1)
=(Split(Fields!columnx.Value, ".")).Value(2)

I'm not sure it works or not, maybe give it a try. You might need to use IIF() statement to check values before getting them.

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i keep getting syntax error on the (0) part –  Mike Aug 3 '11 at 17:14

For info, in 2008 these dont work, you have to do the following:

=Split(Fields!returnedValue.Value, ".").GetValue(0)
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In SSRS you reference the field name, tell it the delimiter to use. Since you are not assigning to a variable, per se, you then need to tell it which part of the split string to use. In your example


You would replace returnedValue with whatever the actual field name is, and place each one of those into your columns 1 - 3, respectively.

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