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I have an existing PHP MySQL web app that I want to make an android app for to look up account info, get status info for work orders, upload photos, etc.

I'm new to Android Dev and found a site that says I can use PHP to build android apps. 6 years ago I did a basic Java class n learned a little about Java, but not much.

I want to have a login to the app, then present a menu to drill further into heir account info.

My first choice would be PHP if the database interaction can happen, but I don't really know. Anyone else gone down the PHP db driven route, or is Java the way I should go? Any tutorials you would recommend?

What are the community thoughts? THanks.

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Why don't you build a smartphone compatible website (i.e. with jQuery Mobile)? You could use your existing PHP knowledge and the app would run on any descent smartphone, not only Android.

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Thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought about that and didn't know about jquerymobile. I really like the idea of a mobile-crossbrowser friendly app instead of where I was heading. I read the jquerymobile website and think that might be a great way to go. Would I simply create a subdomain like "" and then create new web pages with the jquerymobile code under that domain, then have my webapp detect the device and redirect to that subdomain? – Ronedog Aug 3 '11 at 18:39
Yes, that would be a way. As for "detecting mobile device": There a plenty of snippets for this, i.e. – Martin Thurau Aug 3 '11 at 22:30

How about a mobile version of your web app? You could make it work on other phone platforms, you'd have full control over the code, instant updates without bothering the end user.

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