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can't find a way to Hide a Table Cell in my Qooxdoo Table. Does anyone know a possibility?


..and then I think it has to be like..

... .getTableCell(TableRow, TableColumn).cellrenderer.Replace(null);

or maybe just like .getTableCell(TableRow, TableColumn).hideCell(); would be perfect.

EDIT: I need this functionality for showing a pressable button in a cell (just a picture). I can hide the renderer (the picture itself) but not the onclick event on the cell. this for, i would need some kind of ..cell.isVisible(false);

Thanx in advance,

best regards, Stephan

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You should use a special table model for that. qooxdoo offers a filtered table model [1] which is exactly for that purpose. There is also a demo in the demobrowser [2] where you can take a look how it is used.

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I knew the filter before, but this is only for single rows. Not for a single cell! Isn't that right? – N471v3 Aug 4 '11 at 11:19

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