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i have this problem : i want to pass to my form a param because i need it to complete a select.

Here's my code

Controller :

    $p1 = $this->getRequest()->getParam ( '1' );
    $p2 = $this->getRequest()->getParam ( '2' );
    $utentepost = new Application_Model_myMapper();
    $data = $utentepost->populateFormInsert($p1, $p2);
    $form = new Application_Form_myForm();


public function init() {


    $this->addElement('text', 'p1', array());
    $this->addElement('text', 'p2', array());

    $this->addElement('select', 'sede_id', array(
            'label'         => 'Sede',
            'required'      => true,
            'multiOptions'  => $this->_setSelect($p1),  
        .... ....
     protected function _setSelect($p1) {
       ... call model/mapper to execute sql query


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I answered a similar question here about passing variables to a form: stackoverflow.com/questions/6607915/… –  Tom Jowitt Aug 3 '11 at 17:32

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You could do the following:

if you have an Constructor defined in your form add "parent::..":

public function __construct($options = null)

now pass the attribs as array to your form:

$form = new Application_Form_myForm(array('p1' => $p1, 'p2' => $p2));

inside your form:

 protected function _setSelect() {
   $p1 = $this->getAttrib('p1');
   ... call model/mapper to execute sql query
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