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I'd like to get an hg status list for a range of revisions, and also filter the list for a given branch name.
e.g. The issue with this command is that it includes changes from multiple branches, and I'm only interested in a particular branch:

hg status --rev 150:175

Is there a way to add an additional filter by branch for this list with hg or a mainstream hg tool?

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You can do this using revsets:

hg status --rev "150:175 and branch(<BRANCH_NAME>)"

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I believe that you can use revsets (hg help revsets) to do this. There are a large number of options for selecting revisions, but I think that what you want would be something along these lines:

hg status --rev "150:175 and branch(mybranch)"

Revsets can be tricky at times, but they are very powerful, and so well worth reading about them in hg help.

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