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I found out how to resolve at runtime a generic interface using the below code. How would I resolve ALL instances of IGenericInterface<> to get back collection at runtime. I know in autofac we are supposed to use IEnumerable<T> but I don't know how to represent that in the below example:

 var typeInRuntime = typeof (SubClass1);
 var instance1 = container.Resolve(typeof(IGenericInterface<>)

This does not work obviously

 var typeInRuntime = typeof (SubClass1);
 var collection = container
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You have to build the generic IEnumerable type in two steps. The following code works on my machine ;)

var t1 = typeof (IGenericInterface<>).MakeGenericType(typeof(SubClass1));
var t2 = typeof(IEnumerable<>).MakeGenericType(t1);
var collection = c.Resolve(t2);

Assert.That(collection, Is.InstanceOf<IEnumerable<IGenericInterface<SubClass1>>>());
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What if I don't know what SubClass1 will be at the time? As in, I want to resolve all the types which implement that interface. I essentially need to lookup what SubClass1, SubClass2, SubClass3 are. – Casey Feb 20 '15 at 18:57

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