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So yeah, this is just a basic question.

Apple recommends that we have a navigationController inside a tabBarController, and it clearly states -

"You never want to push a tab bar controller onto the navigation stack 
of a navigation controller."

I am right now setting my Navigation Controller as the rootViewController and put a tab Bar inside it.

Will my app get approved ? Can anyone provide a reference in case you do have an answer to this question ?

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No one except Apple can give you a concrete answer to this. –  Stephen Darlington Aug 3 '11 at 17:10
I believe someone in StackOverflow would have run into this problem :( –  Legolas Aug 3 '11 at 17:11
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The official Twitter app does this all the time, whenever you go back to the list of twitter users, and tap on a user, it pushes the main tab bar view. I think it also pushes a different tab bar controller when looking at a person's profile.

As long as it makes sense for your app, I think you should be fine.

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I have done an iphone app which is approved and is avaialble in app store for more than two year now. In the app basic view(root view) is a navigation controller, and at one point I am pushing a tabbarcontroller to the navigation stack.

Only I issue I faced was multiple navigation bar, if there are more "navigation views" inside the tab bar. We can resolve that by hiding one of the navigation bar.

two years back, I don't think Apple had this particular guideline. I recently pushed an update, even then no problem with approval. My suggestion will be to go ahead with submission(with fingers crossed).

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Apple did the same in its iPod.app / Music.app and nowhere is written that your App will be rejected. This is just a suggestion.

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Dude these are guidelines to ensure that you do the best work possible, to make the "best" app possible. This is not a restriction on how you deal with Views. If your app leaks memory and "crashes" all the time, that's your fault, because apple "told you" how to do it correctly. They "cannot" reject bad programming as long as you don't use private APIs or anything "officially" forbidden!

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