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I already know that running a rake task from .rb file can be done by running:

system "/usr/bin/rake #{task} #{args.join(' ')} > #{Rails.root}/log/rake.log"

But how to stop a currently running rake task from ruby file?


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Perhaps you could do a

ps_aux = system "ps aux | grep #rake_task_name"

then, parse the pid. then, issue a kill command

system "kill #pid"

I haven't tried this yet though.

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From within the script, you could run the commands suggested by pat (parsing for the pid) in backticks, system or the %x{} wrapper.

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ps afx | grep rake

Then kill the process id

kill -9 "process_id" 
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This does not what the OP want. He asked to stop the task from Ruby. – akluth Sep 25 '13 at 10:15

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