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I've been fiddling around with my program and I've been using a modified version of urlread that allows for BASIC authentication. The problem is that I have to include the following line of code to the base urlread function:

urlConnection.setRequestProperty('Authorization', 'Basic passphrase');

...where passphrase is the a base64 encoded string of 'user:pass'. If I place the passphrase directly into the string on that line the program will work just fine, the trouble starts when I try to concatenate to get that resulting 'Basic passphrase' string. Initially I just had:

['Basic', ' ', passphrase]

After that did not work I did some exploring and experimenting around in the command window.:

passphrase = 'somerandompassphrase';
teststr1 = ['Basic', ' ', passphrase];
teststr2 = ['Basic', ' ', 'somerandompassphrase'];
teststr3 = 'Basic somerandompassphrase';
strcmp(teststr1, teststr2)
strcmp(teststr1, teststr3)
strcmp(teststr2, teststr3)

The output is 1, or true for each one (as expected). However if I take the base64encode of 'somerandompassphrase' (which is 'c29tZXJhbmRvbXBhc3NwaHJhc2U='):

encoded = base64encode(passphrase);
teststr1 = ['Basic', ' ', encoded];
teststr2 = ['Basic', ' ', 'c29tZXJhbmRvbXBhc3NwaHJhc2U='];
strcmp(teststr1, teststr2)

The output is 0, or false. Shouldn't it be true though? The base64encode function can be found here.

Even from a quick test of:

strcmp(encoded, 'c29tZXJhbmRvbXBhc3NwaHJhc2U=')

The output is still 0.

Please help, I have no idea what's going on.

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As shown here, you can also use the base64 encoder from the the Apache Commons Codec Java library which comes bundled with MATLAB and is available on the classpath:

encoder = org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64();
b64str = char( encoder.encode(passphrase-0) )';
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I actually figured this out right before I posted the question, but I figured I'd go ahead and leave it up in case people run into the same problem as I did.

The problem is from the base64encode function. It automatically adds a newline character to the end of the string, causing the strcmp function to return false. To fix this you can include a parameter for the optional parameter to the base64encode function, if you put in a blank string it won't add a newline character to the end of it causing it to work.

encoded = base64encode(passphrase, '');
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