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I've received this Visual Studio error. Though I can figure out the jist of the problem, I don't totally understand because I don't know much about the build process. What is the real problem here and what are some potential solutions?

fatal error C1083: Cannot open compiler intermediate file: 
'C:\libpath\libname.lib': Not enough space
LINK : fatal error LNK1257: code generation failed

Error executing link.exe (tool returned code: 1257)

I get "not enough space", but I don't really understand what that means. What kind of space does it need to build? Is this saying it ran out of RAM? How could this potentially be solved?

Note: the solution this is trying to build is huge

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know it sounds silly but do you have enough Hard drive space. Google Chrome Source code is only ~450MB but requires IIRC 10GB of free space to build. VS does create tons of pdb objs and what nots – gideon Aug 3 '11 at 17:08
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This seems to be a bug. See this:

Unfortunately, the solution isn't that pleasing (unless you can upgrade to VS 2010).

An alternative would be to switch to MSBuild or Nant that you can run outside of VS 2005 process (you can map a shortcut to these tools so that you can trigger the build within VS 2005).

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