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Learning Algorithms and Data Structures Fundamentals

I am very weak in Data Structures and Algorithms especially in trees,Linked List etc. How to improve the skills. Can you please suggest some sites also where I can find lots of Questions to prepare for interviews.

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Welcome to stack overflow. This is a good question, however it can easily be answered by searching on google (or buying a book). The questions on this site are usually very specific programming problems that can't easily be answered with a search engine. Good luck to you. –  Chris Aug 3 '11 at 17:08

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Eternally Confuzzled website has some tutorials on data structures and algorithms that I find well written and accurate. It does not provide any cookbook-type answers, however.

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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Robert Lafore
Algorithms by Herb Sutter & Andrei Alexandrescu

The former is written in Java but it gives you a very clear understanding of many basic data structures (lists, hashtables, lists, graphs, sorting etc). I consider it a well written book with many code examples. Also, the price is very "attractive".
However, do not copy paste the code samples but rather understand what they do (he gives a clear explanation of what happens in difficult points).
I also do encourage you to study those DS by programming them in C/C++ as they give you a better idea of how things work (in my opinion). The latter book may help although I haven't read it (they suggested it to me).

Have fun :)
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If your question is particularly about interview questions, www.careercup.com will get you good questions and some possible solutions. look up more for correct answers.

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