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I am making a simulation with XNA 4.0.

We can display fonts but only with 2D coordinates, I need to display fonts with 3D coordinates. Please Help any technique how can i accomplish this.

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In XNA 4.0, SpriteBatch.Begin can take any Effect. You can pass in a BasicEffect with an arbitrary set of transformation matrices (World, View, Projection) that will be used to transform your sprites, allowing you to "place" them in 3D space.

The "models" that SpriteBatch creates (basically a quad each sprite/letter) are the same size in units as the associated bitmap is in pixels.

Typically you'd treat the sprite plane as a model, and move it around using the World matrix.

The blog posts here and here explain it in more detail.

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very awesome game Dark. can you please help me how to learn this kind of lighting and shadows. its whats left in a solar system simulation i recently made –  Moon Aug 4 '11 at 18:47

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