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I have this html code:
jsfiddle here

<table align="center">
    <td align="center" colspan="5">Table</td>
        <tr> // Table Headings (Not important, removed)
             // First Row (of many)            
            <td>Cell 1</td>              // Cell 1
            <td>Cell 2</td>              // Cell 2

            // This is the cell I want the price in
            <td class="unitprice" align="center">2.99</td> // Cell 3 <-- I want this value

            // Onkeyup of this input box, get the value in cell 3 into a var.
            <td align="center">
            <input type="text" id="qty" name="qty" size="2" value="1" onkeyup="getValues();" onkeypress="return isNumberKey(event);"/>

            <td class="totalprice" align="center">TOTAL PRICE</td>

I am using this javascript to get the value from the "qty" text box,

  function getValues(e)
      var qty = e.value; // Get me the value in qty
      // This is what I tried
      //var Something = $(this).parent().find("td.unitprice").html(); 
      alert(Something); // Does not work


Onblur of input[QTY], get the value of qty, get the price next to it, and update it into the div class (totalprice) FOR THAT ROW ONLY.

I have dozens of records so this function should be for that specific row the input was changed for.

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    var _parent = $(this).parent(); * Number($(this).val()));

Working demo:

Uses this resource:

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This works, but only on the second change of the input box, ie: if i refresh the page, and change row 1 input, it wont work, until I change it for a second time, then it works. im using it in a function right now. – Anil Aug 3 '11 at 17:35
The fiddle works on the first attempt for me. Shouldn't be too hard to emulate the logic. What did you change? – AlienWebguy Aug 3 '11 at 18:06
the fiddle works fine, but when I use my localhost, it doesnt work first time, only on second+ click. I didnt change a single thing, it worked first time, except for this issue. How would I load this on dom ready, so it runs it once (when it wont do nothing), and ready for the user to use when they change the field. – Anil Aug 3 '11 at 18:19
changing click to live shouldn't break anything. I'm assuming your syntax is off - make sure it's like this: $('selector').live('click',function(){... – AlienWebguy Aug 3 '11 at 18:25
Adding to dom ready is simply putting the observer inside a dom ready function $(function(){ $('selector').live('click',function(){..}); }); – AlienWebguy Aug 3 '11 at 18:26

Take a look at this fiddle.

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if you really want to use jQuery then this should work:

$('#qty').keyup(function() {

Also, the jsFiddle you linked was not using jQuery.

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and my two cents... use the e.srcElement to get where you came from ;)

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I think you can try this using the id selector

$('#qty').keyup(function() {
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