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Let's say I have the code below:

public class ContactDTO
   public string Email {get; set;}
   public decimal? ExchangeRate {get; set;}

var contacts = crm.GetEntities("contact")

var cList = new List<ContactDTO>();
foreach(contact in contacts)
  clist.Add(new ContactDTO
      Email = contact.GetPropertyValue<string>("emailaddress1");
      ExchangeRate = contact.GetPropertyValue<decimal>("exchangerate");

In the code above if exchange rate is null in Dynamics I'm going to get back the default value for a decimal which is not what I want (I want to know if it is null). If I were to use:


Should that bring back a null if it's null in Dynamics? I've tried this in other scenarios and it always sends back the default value for the value type. How can I get null back so that i can make sure that my dto object property is null?

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One way I can suggest is to write a helper/wrapper around the GetPropertyValue method that checks the return type and makes sure if the return type is nullable ( as in contact.GetPropertyValue("exchangerate")) then if the property value is also null then returns null. HTH. :)

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