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I'm doing php and came across the following problem: How to register multiple sequence data from a textarea?

My idea is to get the text from a textarea of a form via the POST method. And the text in question follow the following pattern:

Name 01, 01 Phone, Address 01 
Name 02, 02 Phone, Address 02 
Name 03, 03 Phone, Address 03

Each row contains information of a client and the commas will separate the data from the customer master record, I want each client to be registered with a different ID in the database (taking into account that later can be edited separately).

I know as more or less as separate data line, but how to do this by separating comma?

I appreciate the help of those who have to help me in this matter and I apologize for my bad English.

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One really primitive way is to do it by this:

$rows = explode("\n",$_POST['text']);
foreach($rows as $row)
    $client = explode(",",$row);

    $query = "INSERT INTO...". $client[0] ."..." . $client[1];

Of course, sanitize it.

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