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I have the following code in a .cshtml file, but each <option> is returned with nothing in it. I have verified the GetDescription() is returning the right string, so I must have a syntax problem in my Razor code. Can someone tell me what the problem is please?

                Array enumValues = null;
                enumValues = Enum.GetValues(typeof(SearchOperatorString));
                foreach (var type in enumValues)
                    @{((Enum)type).GetDescription();} </option>
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You're making a statement block, which calls GetDescription, but does nothing with it's result.

You want to use a code nugget instead, which prints an expression to the page:


Instead of doing this manually, you should call the DropDownList helper:

              .Select(s => new SelectListItem { Text = e })
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Try this:

@foreach(var type in Enum.GetValues(typeof(SearchOperatorString))){
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