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Is there a way to use StyleCop 4.5 from the command line on an individual source file, like stylecop HelloWorld.cs?

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What did you try? –  Oded Aug 3 '11 at 19:15

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You can't. It's not a feature of stylecop, it only integrates with VS2008/2010 and MsBuild

There is this project at sourceforge that may do what you're looking for. DISCLAIMER: I have not tried it.

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Here is also an article descibing how to create a simple C# console app running StyleCop over specified file.

Feel free to create your own runner which will be able to process results in any way you want.

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There is this project available on SourceForge.net that you can use from the command-line.

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There's also StyleCopCmd, a command-line wrapper and NAnt task for StyleCop.

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