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    The form and script are show below and I appreciate all help on this.


        function displayStory()
                //$('#create button[type="submit"]').val();

            function hideStory()

                $('#storyform input[type="text"]').val("");
                //$( "#storyform" ).resetForm();



            function createStory(){

                var userName = $("#name").val();

                var strColor = $("#color").val();

                var strAnimal = $("#animal").val();

                var strLocation = $("#location").val();

                var strFood = $("#food").val();

                var strSnacks = $("#snacks").val();

                var strSound = $("#sound").val();

                var strEmail = $("#email").val();

                var strZipCode = $("#zip").val();

                var txt1=new String("Hello, my name is " + userName + ".  My favorite color is " + strColor + ". My most cherished animal " + strAnimal + " gave me great joy. It may interest you to know that " + strAnimal + " can survive in many places including " + strLocation + "  ");
                var txt2=new String("My favorite food is " + strFood + " and I just can not get enough of it.  I can have as many as " + strSnacks + " portion(s) for snacks everyday. A sound I love is " + strSound + " and you should really hear it.  ");
                var txt3=new String("I can honestly say that my favorite email address is " + strEmail + " and I would suggest that you write to them.  If I was to pick a state that I love to live in, I would have to say one with a zip code of " + strZipCode + " would be that State.  ");

                return $("#story").html(txt1 +" "+ txt2 +" "+ txt3);


        submitHandler: function() { alert("submitted!"); },
        highlight: function(input) {
        unhighlight: function(input) {

    $().ready(function() {

        // validate story form on keyup and submit

               rules: {
            name:   { required: true },
            color:  { required: true,
                      minlength: 3 },
            location:  { required: true },
            animal: { required: true },
            food:   { required: true },
            sound:  { required: true },
            snacks:  { required: true, 
                      digits:   true,
                      minlength: 2, 
                      maxlength: 2 },
            email:  { required: true, 
                      email:    true },
            zip:    { required: true, 
                      digits:   true, 
                      minlength: 5, 
                      maxlength: 5 }

        // messages
        messages: {
            name:   { required:  "Your name is required" },
            color:  { required:  "Color name is required",
                      minlength: "Must be at least 3 characters" },
            location:  { required:  "Location is required" },
            animal: { required:  "Animal is required" },
            food:   { required:  "Food is required" },
            sound:  { required:  "Sound is required" },
            snacks:  { required:  "Snack is required", 
                      digits:    "Must be a number",
                      minlength: "Must be 2 characters", 
                      maxlength: "Must be 2 characters" },
            email:  { required:  "Valid email address is required", 
                      email:     "Must be an email address" },
            zip:    { required:  "Zip Code is required", 
                      digits:    "Must be a number", 
                      minlength: "Must be 5 characters", 
                      maxlength: "Must be 5 characters" }




            <form class="cmxform" id="storyform" method="get" action="">

<label for="name">Name</label>
<input id="name" name="name" type="text" placeholder="First and last name" class="required"  autofocus/>

<label for="color">Color</label>
<input id="color" name="color" type="text" placeholder="enter a color" class="required"/>

<label for="location">Location</label>
<input id="location" name="location" type="text" placeholder="name a location"/>

<label for="animal">Animal</label>
<input id="animal" name="animal" type="text" placeholder="name an animal"/>

<label for="food">Food</label>
<input id="food" name="food" type="text" placeholder="name a food"/>

<label for="sound">Sound</label>
<input id="sound" name="sound" type="text" placeholder="name a sound"/>

<label for="snacks">Number of Snacks</label>
<input id="snacks" name="snacks" type="number" placeholder="# of snacks"/>

<label for="email">Email</label>
<input id="email" name="email" type="email" placeholder=""/>

<label for="zip">Zip Code</label>
<input id="zip" name="zip" type="number" placeholder="5 digit zip code"/>


 <p id="target"><br/><br/>

<label for="story"><strong>Here's Your Story</strong></label><br/>
<textarea id="story" name="story" rows="3"></textarea>

<button id="create"class="submit" type="submit" onclick="displayStory()" value="Create">Create</button>
<button id="clear"class="reset" type="submit" onclick="hideStory()" value="Clear"/>Clear</button>


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Got it working here with a pretty basic script:

Update: This will clear out all the fields within the form and replace their values with the placeholder text.

    $('#storyform input[type="text"]').val("");
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This is working as expected! Thanks much. Only problem is after loading the textarea the form resets automatically and clears the textarea content. Any Help with that too? – nash Aug 4 '11 at 15:12
It may be because you're using type="submit" on the #create button. At that point you'd either want to use event.stopPropagation() or return false; where you're calling that form. Either that or just remove type="submit". – jezza-tan Aug 4 '11 at 15:16
Removing the type="submit" didn't fix it. I don't know where I am calling the form either. Anyway I have re-edited my post for your review. Thank. – nash Aug 4 '11 at 16:09
<button id="create" type="submit" onclick="return displayStory()">Create</button> Maybe something like that would work? – jezza-tan Aug 4 '11 at 16:19
Didn't fix it. how do I use event.stopPropagation() ? Or is it because the create button is part of the form? Thanks for your time with this though. – nash Aug 4 '11 at 17:03

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