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I want to put a link to a document in an image I have in matlab. I have a specific region I want to put the link. For example I want there to be link in the image at position x = 40, y = 120 with the address of the document. Something similar to this below, I know this is not proper matlab code.

text(40,120, '<a href="C:\Documents and Settings\Sentinelle\Desktop\LCModel\sl5_knt1\sl5_11-6.pdf"; ">Click here for plot documentation</a>')

Is this possible to do do? I want to be able to use imshow() or imtool() and be able to click on the region of the image and see the document.

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You can set the 'ButtonDownFcn' text property to open the given document using the function OPEN:

filePath = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Sentinelle\Desktop\LCModel\sl5_knt1\sl5_11-6.pdf';
text(40,120,'Click here for plot documentation',...
     'ButtonDownFcn',['open(''' filePath ''');']);
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I like the idea but I am getting this error ??? Error using ==> open Too many input arguments. ??? Error while evaluating text ButtonDownFcn – Ben Fossen Aug 3 '11 at 19:43
@Ben: Oh, I see. Your file path has spaces in it. I'll edit to account for that. – gnovice Aug 3 '11 at 19:44

According to a similar discussion, you can create a UICONTROL pushbutton which has the advantage that it accepts HTML input string. Then using FINDJOBJ, we can fake the look of a clickable hyperlink:

fName = 'C:\path\to\file.pdf';
str = '<html><a href="">Click here for plot documentation</a></html>';

figure('Resize','off', 'MenuBar','none')
hButton = uicontrol('Style','pushbutton', 'Position',[320 50 170 20], ...
    'String',str, 'Callback',@(o,e)open(fName));

jButton = findjobj(hButton);
jButton.setCursor( java.awt.Cursor(java.awt.Cursor.HAND_CURSOR) );


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