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To trigger the error handler for dojo's xhrPost, is there a specific format in which the server response is to be sent? Or just setting the status code to the required error code in the HttpServletResponse object does the work.

Thanks, RR

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You only need to set the appropiate HTTP status code in the HttpServletResponse. I think anything greater than or equal to 400 will be considered an error by the XHR object.

Of course you can also send actual content in your response (via its output stream) and set its content type. You'll receive that in your handler as well:

  url: '/request',
  load: function(data, ioargs) { /* ... */ },
  error: function(error, ioargs) {
    // error is a Javascript Error() object, but also contains 
    // some other data filled in by Dojo
    var content = error.responseText;   // response as text
    var status = error.status;          // status code

You can also get responseText and status from ioargs.xhr, which is the full XmlHttpRequest object.

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Thanks Gustavo. This is what I was looking for. –  rishi Aug 4 '11 at 5:53

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