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im doing some queries in Zend Framework and i need to make sure no SQL injection is possible in the next kind of formats. I can use mysql_escape(deprecated) and wont do all the work. If i try to use real_mysql_escape it wont be able to grab the conection with the database and i cant find how zend_filter would solve the problem.

The query im doing (simplied) have the next sintaxes:

	$db = Zend_Registry::get('db');	
	$select = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS num
				FROM message m
				WHERE m.message LIKE '".$username." %'";
	$row = $db->fetchRow($select);

What is the best way to prevent SQL INJECTION with this framework?

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   $username = $db->quote($username . '%');
   $select = 'SELECT COUNT(*) AS num
                                FROM message m
                                WHERE m.message LIKE ' . $username;
   $row = $db->fetchRow($select);
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when I use $db->quote on a string that I am inserting, it puts quotes into the string even in the database field. Do I have to trim it after i quote it, or am I using it incorrectly? – Gisheri Mar 13 '14 at 15:40
$sql = 'SELECT * FROM messages WHERE username LIKE ?';
$row = $db->fetchRow($sql, $username);


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When working with a model you can use:

$bugs = new Bugs();
$row = $bugs->fetchRow($bugs->select()->where('bug_id = ?', 1));
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