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In Vim, the usual way to jump to the definition of the keyword under the cursor is to type CTRL-] (as claimed by :he CTRL-\]).

But when you have a QWERTZ keyboard (see below, Strg is Ctrl), you're in some trouble: there is no separate ] key on the keyboard; you'll have to press ALT GR-9 to type the ]. So, to jump to a tag, it`s neccessary to hit CTRL-ALT GR-9 which doesn't work (and is also not feasible because you'll break your fingers if you happen to use that often).

QUERTZ keyboard

So, how could I jump to a tag using my QWERTZ keyboard?

In addition, I'd also be glad if someone could explain why pressing CTRL-ALT GR-9 does not work.

I'm not interested in the obvious answers "remap to something else" or "press the mouse button".

Duplicate on Vi/Vim:

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Does Ctrl+9 work for you? – Greg Hewgill Aug 3 '11 at 20:16
You can try remapping the command to a different key combination – Benjam Aug 3 '11 at 20:17
I guess the answer is no, there is no out-of-the-box key combination that would work for you. It sucks (I know, I have a non-US keyboard as well) but it's mostly because there are so many different keyboard layouts you can only use a-z (if even them) and 0-9 if you want to be sure the keyword combo works for everyone. – Juhana Aug 3 '11 at 20:31
Huh? I'm not interested in the obvious answers "remap to something else" So, if there were a (say) ctrl-a to do the same, what's the difference to a simple map? But if you really don't want it, then it's simple! buy a US keyboard. I also don't live in the US but I own a US keyboard. And if you don't want to do that, patch Vim and build your own version. It's not that difficult. Alternatively, if none of these work, use Emacs. And if it doesn't work for you, go ahead and start using Notepad++. Or TextMate, if you're in a Mac. It rocks. – sidyll Aug 3 '11 at 22:58
I don't understand why you'd not be willing to remap keys. Its for situations just like this that vim has remapping... and its so trivial to do ... so I'm going to risk your wrath (but help anyone else stuck with this issue)- to remap do a :nmap #t <C-]> and #t is now C-] (replace # with whichever key you don't use often..). Add it to your .vimrc and you'll be forever happy. – Michael Anderson Aug 4 '11 at 7:04
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As weird as it reads, on AZERTY keyboards (french layout specifically) $ is at the same spot as ] on QWERTY keyboards so I must hit <C-$> to jump to definition.

See if <C-+> does the trick.

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This is the answer I was looking for. Pressing CTRL-+ on the QWERTZ keyboard jumps to a tag! Thank you! – eckes Aug 4 '11 at 6:58
I struggled a bit on this particular thing until I found the answer on a totally unrelated thread on a french linux forum. I'm glad it helped you. – romainl Aug 4 '11 at 9:13

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